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A Short Guide to Medicinal Herbs and their app....
A Short Guide to Medicinal Herbs and their applications

Christine Haughton is a Medical Herbalist who runs a busy rural practice near Malton in North Yorkshire. A member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, College of Practitioners of Herbal Medicine and Royal Institiute of Public Health, she is committed to ensuring that the public is provided with accurate information about medicinal herbs and their applications. This short guide to medicinal herbs would be of interest to health professionals and those seeking information on traditional, herbal remedies.

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ISBN 978-189930832-3
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Cancer - Herbs in Holistic Healthcare
Cancer - Herbs in Holistic Care

Cancer in its various forms can give rise to a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, either due to the disease itself, or its treatment, or the fear associated with it. In this book, we read of the drugs commonly used in the conventional treatment of cancer, and their many possible side effects. From her many years of experience, the author is able to advise on herbal remedies which can be used instead of conventional drugs, alleviating symptoms effectively and safely.

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ISBN 1-899308-28-8
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Herbal Medicine for Dogs
Herbal Medicine for Dogs

So many dog owners would love to know how to use herbs to help their pets stay healthy. The author Mary Boughton is a manufacturer of veterinary herbal medicine and has been involved with herbs and dogs all of her life. A dog owners 'must have' or ideal present for a precious pet.

5.99 (+ 1.50 P&P)
ISBN 1-899308-25-3
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Herbal Medicine for Children
Herbal Medicine for Children

A simple easy to understand guide for parents who want to know about herbal medicine and appropriate natural treatment for their children. The author is a mother and medicinal herbalist and her understanding of childhood illnesses is clear.

6.99 (+ 1.50 P&P)
ISBN 1-899308-30-x
(+ postage: £1.50)

Herbs from the Bible
Herbs from the Bible

The author delves into the Biblical text to find out what people thousands of years ago used as medicines, as flavourings, as food, as dye for their clothes and perfume. Her knowledge of the Bible combined with her understanding of medicinal plants make fascinating reading.

9.99 (+ 1.50 P&P)
ISBN 1-899308-29-6
(+ postage: £1.50)

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